Friday, October 16, 2009

Zumba Fit: and the effects of the macarena challenge

So what is zumba fit?
zumba fit is the new late night shopping,get fit quick,sheds those pounds,go down 15 dress sizes;craze.
it claims to be the most fun blend of aerobics and latin dance around. it activates 3 whole levels of your body to create the ultimate workout.
and guess what? you can join the zumba fitness craze for only 149.99 plus delivery!

ok now that you know the bollocks that the tv commercial will feed you, here's something to think about.

zumba is basically the same thing as spending 20 minutes doing the exercises from an aerobics or latin dance dvd worth $3.40 at golo. the same fitness results can be acheived by dancing around your bedroom like a 11 year old girl with a drink bottle in each hand. seriously, do you remember when you were a kid and you would dance like crazy to stupid songs? ever stop to think why kids are so skinny?
and if you were so concerned with getting fit that you would pay 149.99 plus delivery for 4 dvds and a set of pissy hand weights then you shouldn't be up that late to see zumba ads. you should be in bed asleep, tired from that 2 hours of working out that you did at the fucking gym.

from the looks of the people in picture i'm not sure if i would even purchase zumba after seeing that pic. they all look like they belong in a teen pop group. the outfits are stupid. they're probably all failed actors trying to grab some extra cash by looking like they're enjoying being ripped off by zumba fit. good on them for getting paid for something but god, it's fucking zumba. zumba sounds like a rip off the lion king's simba
in fact i'm so annoyed with zumba that instead of wasting upwards of 180.00 dollars i'm taking on the week long macarena challenge.
remember the macarena?

it was recorded in 1992 by los del rio and released as a rumba in 1993. in 1995 it became a major hit. it's also been voted as VH1's #1 greatest one hit wonder of all time. after 1996 it is recorded on wikipedia to still have a "cult" following. if by cult they mean every primary in N.S.W's P.E dance program, then yes it does have a cult following. as a kid most of what i remember from primary school is every week we would have dance and we would spend a solid hour doing the macarena, the time warp and the nut bush. guess what? we were all skinny, healthy kids.

better than that we had fun doing these dances, sure they're not the best looking routines out there. they're not very impressive but thats the beauty of it, once taught(which takes ten seconds) anyone can do it. it has no cost apart from the macarena cd you dig out of cuppboard.
in fact the macarena looks kinda stupid it's so simple, but thats what makes it fun.

so i decided fuck zumba, lets bring on the macarena challenge.
i'm going to see how much weight i loose, starting today, purely by doing the macarena for 30 minutes each night to any song of my choosing. note i will still be eating and drinking the same crap that i have been for many years.

my weight today was 58 kilos. i did half an hour of the macarena to children collide, boys like girls(don't know why) , blue king brown and ida maria. by the end of it i hadn't lost any weight but i felt tired, like i should. it worked out my abs, legs and arms. you know what, i also had heaps of fun doing it, even alone it was great. i thought of how stupid i must look and it made me laugh. thats what exercise should be: fun not fucking exspensive.

so zumba:


  1. My wife and I enjoyed reading you thoughts. Nice one.

  2. why david you just made my 2am :)

  3. You are right about Zumba being a rip-off. I am currently a Zumba instructor and I'm working on my own workout program. Even we instructors, with our meager discounts, spend astronomical amounts for their clothing & other products. If we sign up for a workshop and have to cancel, they charge us $75! All we're doing is supporting the CEO's lavish Miami lifestyles. On the other hand, I know people who have lost incredible amounts of weight with Zumba.